About our Team

 We have certified coaches, who are passionate about helping our guests to enjoy their holiday and reach their fitness goals

 We love to share our healthy lifestyle with our clients. We believe in a permanent lifestyle change

 Our Team consists of Fitness instructors, physiotherapists, nutritionist, retreat coordinator, mental coach and secretary

 We are from everywhere in the World so we speak English, Spanish, German, Persian and French

 Our Team is smart, helpful, creative with an energizing and positive group atmosphere

We are ready to coach you to success and to enjoy your holiday

About our head coach

About "Katy"

Katy is an internationally recognized talent in dancing and choreography.

She was the artistic director of "Katy Sama Dancing" dance troop and has led numerous workshops and concerts across the World.

 With a Masters degree in physical Education and Sport, she is also a qualified Fitness instructor.

Teaching how to nurture health and vitality and how to practice the beauty of sensuous expression through dance and her raw vegan life are among Katy's passions.

She is currently focused on developing therapeutic spiritual dance inspired by Sama and Sufi dancing.

Her charisma and patience create a welcoming, warm and fun atmosphere for her students.

Katy is a born dancer...

About our Martial Arts expert "Shahab"

Coach Shahab made his name in Martial Arts. He started Kung Fu when he was ten years old and later became an active fighter in KICKBOXING AND BOXING.

Now an international coach, Shahab trains champions, preparing them for their title fights.

Manny European and World Champions train with him to prepare their fights (visit his Gallery of Champions)


Now, beginners to intermediate level also have the chance to enjoy his quality training to boost skills and fitness levels.

Shahab has a diverse cultural background. Born in Persia, he grew up and studied in Germany. He has travelled extensively, coaching in many European countries and now living in Spain since 2007.

Kiya our retreat coordinator and Fitness instructor